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Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Can I park at the forest houses?

Yes, there are 2 cars in the driveway at each house.


Are dogs welcome?

Dogs are very welcome! However, with a maximum of three large and four small dogs. The houses are too small for more dogs. And we ask all guests to thoroughly check the garden before departure and to clean up any pits and other surprises.  


Is the house accessible by public transport?



Are there fireworks around the houses on New Year's Eve?

No, all areas where the forest houses are located are fireworks-free. There are also few residential houses in the area. In the distance you can hear some carbite.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

For Boshuisje Wateren you can check in at 3 pm and check out before 10 am.

For the other forest houses you can check in at 3:30 PM and check out before 10:30 AM.

How far is a supermarket?

There are supermarkets in Vledder, Diever and Dwingeloo, among others. You can also order a delivery service. If you type the location of the forest house on google maps and then supermarket, you will see them very clearly on the map.

Is there a wood stove?

All forest houses have an outdoor stove. At Boshuisje Wateren and Boshuisje Doldersum there is wood to use. At Boshuisje De Eekhoorn and Boshuisje Oude Willem, pick it up yourself at, for example, a supermarket. We deliberately do not have a wood stove in the cottages. These are too polluting for the environment. For this reason we do not have a hot tub.   If there is a method whereby you can responsibly use rainwater for a hot tub, then we are certainly interested. 

Can we store our bicycles in a sheltered place?

All forest houses have a shed or shelter where you can safely store the bicycles. 

Are the gardens fenced and can my dog run loose in the garden?

  • Boshuisje Doldersum is completely enclosed with a fence of 70 - 90 cm.

  • Boshuisje Oude Willem is 3/4 fenced with a 65 cm fence and a deep ditch at the back. A 90cm sheep net is available with sturdy double pins to secure it. 

  • Boshuisje De Eekhoorn in Doldersum is not fenced. Parts of the garden do have branches. A sturdy sheep net is available, 90 cm high and 25 meters long, with sturdy double pegs to fence off part of the garden.

  • Boshuisje Wateren is not fenced. Parts of the garden do have a bough or fence. A sturdy sheep net is available that is 90 cm high and 25 meters long with sturdy double pegs to fence off part of the garden. 

You can also use a long line and tie it to a tree. Guests also regularly do this. Then the dogs can roam around in the garden without walking out. 

Is theinternet connection fast and good enough to work?

The internet connection is very fast. Boshuisje Wateren and the Squirrel have fiber optic. The other two have a very fast KPN connection (5 Mbit/s upload and 50 Mbit/s download). Great for a workation or if you want to start your weekend on Friday and do a video call from the house.  Watching Netflix, etc. is also fine.

Are the forest houses child-friendly?
Boshuisje Wateren has a child gate at the stairs. The other houses have no floors. In each house there is a Prénatal Baby bed, with a Prénatal mattress and a molton and fitted sheet and of course a high chair. There are also children's toys and dangerous cleaning supplies are stored high. There is no child protection on the sockets or the cleaning cabinet. 

Where can I find the general terms and conditions?
You can do thishereread.

What are the cancellation conditions?

In case of cancellation more than 6 weeks before the start of the stay by the tenant or landlord, 100% of the deposit will be returned. If the tenant cancels, we charge an administration fee of 35 euros. In case of cancellation within the period of 6 weeks, no refund will be made. We recommend taking out cancellation insurance.


How can I pay for the booking?

Payment is only possible via direct bank transfer.

When do I pay thebooking?
When booking you pay 50% and the reservation is final. 6 weeks before arrival you pay the remaining 50%.

What are the house rules?

  • No parties and loud talking in the garden after 10 p.m

  • Dogs not in the bedrooms and on the bed. If your dog jumps on the couch, bring plaids with you

  • Guests leave the house as they found it 

  • If something is broken or damaged, it will be reported to us

  • Guests with dogs carefully check the house and garden before departure, so that guests do not know that dogs have been there

  • Charging cars is reported in advance and settled afterwards

  • Excessive gas consumption by leaving the heating on unnecessarily will be settled afterwards. For this we look at the average consumption of guests in certain periods and the temperature outside.

As long as this goes well, we do not charge a deposit. 

What are the duvets made of?

Only Boshuisje Doldersum has down duvets. The duvets in the other forest house are made of recycled plastic with a cotton cover.

Can I use the conservatory at Boshuisje Oude Willem in all seasons?

The conservatory of Boshuisje Oude Willem can be used from spring to autumn in warmer weather. The conservatory heats up quickly due to the sun. The conservatory is not suitable for long heating with the heating. This gives a huge gas consumption as it is not insulated. 


What kind of coffee machines are there?

Each house has a filter coffee machine and a Nespresso machine with a separate Nespresso milk frother.

Can I receive a message in the event of a cancellation?
Yes you can, leave your email in the email field. 

And at a last minute? 

You can view the houses on Airbnb for last minutes. Or follow us on Facebook or Instagram. We also communicate there last minutes. 


If you miss a question and answer, let us know and we'll add it.

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